My name is Fabian Koppenhöfer, a german CG Artist and Motion Designer.
Ever since i touched the field of design, animation and film i was hooked.
I have good knowledge of design fundamentals such as typography, composition and colour as well as the technical skills to put those theories in motion. My work ranges from 2d/3d animation, stop motion to live action. Starting out with concept, then designing styleframes and animation up to the final result.

Some of my beloved working tools are:
Cinema 4D, Adobe Production Suite CS 6, Magic Bullet Suite,
VC Products and PF Track/Syntheyes.

I am available to hire for 3D, animation and motion design work and constantly looking for new career opportunities and new people to work with.

some clients I worked for:
Bayer Group AG, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Hisense, Novartis Consumer Health, Nivea

Get my CV, do some social networking or drop me a line.